Saturn's Cave

60 × 80
Oil on panel
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The woman in front sleeps like a butterfly in a cocoon, unconscious of all the doors (possibilities) that are hidden in de walls. Quietly she waits for her transformation into a butterfly, symbol of the soul.

Not long after I finished the painting, I coincidentally read the following text written by Johfra:’ It’s a common misconception that Saturn is a malefic planet. Only in material ways he brings ‘bad luck’. From a spiritual point-of-vue the opposite is true. Saturn, the crystallizing principal or Chronos, time, forms a resistance through which each work is being judged and finds it’s final form.
Saturn, who brings us resistances and tasks, is the great teacher and inaugurator. No work can be called completed without enduring the test of time. In the cave, in deepest deep of the kingdom of Saturn, the inauguration takes place. All sun gods and heroes were born, hidden or raised in caves, in a time that the light was weakest.’’